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What is Yellow Pages?

Yellow Pages is a leading digital business directory in Malaysia. You can list your business alongside with almost 500,000 businesses and allow your brand to be easily searchable online. Businesses are organised by 16 categories rather than alphabetically, which makes it easier for consumers and other businesses to find you.

Yellow Pages is now available on the website, and a mobile app. In return, this will help you to drive traffic to your website or Facebook page, and ultimately connect you with more customers.

Why list your business on Yellow Pages?

Active User

Average monthly active users (MAU) of more than 100,000 users.

Improve Traffic

Drive traffic to website or Facebook page.

Business Details

Updated information about business (contact details, opening hours, promotions)


Interaction with users through online chat.


Advertise exclusive promotions and attract new customers.


Manage business listing using website & on-the-go with the mobile app.


Rank higher on Google Search listing.


Convert customer satisfaction to user reviews.

Who uses Yellow Pages?


users are between 25-34 years old

constructionhotels (in Peninsula Malaysia)food productslogisticsevent management consultantsrestaurantschemicalstradingfreight forwardingsecurity control equipment

Top 10 popular search categories


users are from Klang Valley

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Frequently asked questions

Yellow Pages Digital is the leading digital business directory in Malaysia with over 500,000 business listings under 16 main categories for ease of search, ensuring a smooth user experience when you use our platforms.

You can access it via your browser on desktop and mobile devices.

Yellow Pages' fresh new look has an easy interface, its listing is trusted by many, with deals offered by Malaysian local businesses. With interesting articles as well as functions to store and share local businesses' business cards online and updated via mobile & web. Not only that, we are constantly enhancing the features to provide value for both users and advertisers.

With our newly launched Advertiser Module business owners can make changes easily when logging into their business page. Kindly contact WeCare should you have any issues in editing your business info.

The subscription is auto-renewed. Minimum period for listing is for 12 months. Upon expiry of subscription or discontinue or termination of any package, the listing will still be in Yellow Pages but will be downgraded as a normal listing and will not enjoy the value added benefits of subscribing to the packages.

Once the username is created, it remains as it is and cannot be changed. However, you may change/update your password via .

Yes, there are other packages available for purchase, to cater your business needs. However, your current package will not be refunded if it is within the minimum contract period.

Email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-300-88-9355 .

Advertiser's Frequently asked questions

The new advertiser module is one of the enhanced feature allows advertiser to self-setup or do-it-yourself when creating post by using token.

This module will be available tentatively after 12th May 2021.

Yes. Only after subscribed to the Yellow Pages packages or plans, subscribers can utilise the tokens.

Advertiser may use the token to create, update, modify or to boost (visibility) posts.
For example, to update company profile, to update individual listing or update of product contents.

Token will also be used for add-on service.
For example, Featured or bumps up post which will be available in Yellow Pages. (coming soon)

It is open to existing Yellow Pages advertisers, new advertisers and new users.

Since 26th January 2021, all active advertisers were upgraded to the new package with more values and extra posting tokens.
Old Package NameNew Package Name
After 12th May 2021, existing Yellow Pages advertisers can choose to subscribe to other package or plan, below is the flow.

1. Login to Advertiser account at
2. For first time login, you need to register a valid mobile phone number
3. Choose package or plan
4. Checkout and make payment, remember to click “accept T&C and agree to unifi business payment charges (if any)”
5. Approval by Yellow Pages Admin
6. Shall wait for Admin to approve for publish the post(s)
7. Post is on Yellow Pages now

Note: Only with successful payment, applications will be submitted to Yellow Pages Admin for approval. Approval will take 3-5 working days.

Advertiser can upgrade to a higher package however, there is no downgrading of package.

And when upgrade, the old package will be ceased and advertiser will
a. start paying the new package price and new contract expiry date
b. the balance of tokens will be carried forward to the new package
c. tokens' expiry date will be extended to the new contract expiry date

Please follow the flow below:

1. Sign up a new User account at
2. Login as User account at
3. Click on Post Ads and select “upgrade to Advertiser account ”. Remember to “accept Advertising Agreement T&C”.
4. For first time login, you need to register a valid mobile phone number
5. Choose package and plan
6. Fill up basic information to create individual or company profile
7. Submit the relevant documents
8. Checkout and make payment*, remember to click “accept T&C and agree to unifi biz payment charges (if any)”
9. Approval by Yellow Pages Admin
10. Shall wait for Admin to approve for publish the post(s)
11. Post is on Yellow Pages now

Note: Only with successful payment, applications will be submitted to Yellow Pages Admin for approval. Approval will take 3-5 working days.

Company profileIndividual Profile
Subscribed to Gold, Silver or bronze package, only one time approval is required and all posts will automatically publish on Yellow Pages.

For first time profile creation, Yellow Pages Admin will take 1 to 2 working days to approve.
Subscribed to Gold, Silver or bronze package every post will subject to by Yellow pages Admin approval.

To register a profile under Individual or Company, the required documents is Business Registration Cert or Business License. For those have yet to register with SSM, 1 month Utilities Bill is required.

Advertiser gets more value and features to list their products and services.

Please refer this table for more details.

  • Kindly contact our customer service WeCare hotline at 1-300-88-9355 or drop a message to [email protected] for termination assistance.
  • As advertisers has made full payment for their subscription, their business listing will still be available on the new Yellow Pages website until the contract expires.

    Example: If your contract expiry date is 10th March 2021 11.59pm, your listing will be inactive starting from 11th March 2021 12am.

There will no refund or pro rate to any early termination.

Every paid advertiser must fulfil the termination criteria, which is a minimum of 12 months subscription means advertiser will need to pay up the remaining balance if the subscription is less than 12 months.