Own a personalised business website

Showcase all your products and run your business online

Why use Instaweb?

Low cost

Your business website will be up and running instantaneously! No need to hire a website developer to design a website.

Auto update

The information that you upload onto your Facebook is reflected on your business website immediately.

Online payment

With built-in shopping carts and payment engines, you are able to accept payments from your customers via bank transfer and credit cards.

Rank higher

A website will raise your ranking in search engine results i.e. Google search. This means potential customers can find you easily online

Built-In chat

Your customers can communicate with you using the live chat service on the website

You have a Facebook Page, do you still need a website for your business?

Yes. Combining the best of both worlds!
We know that competition in Facebook is fierce. We believe a Facebook Business page can be used as a platform to attract and build a group of potential customers. From there, you will want potential customers to visit your website so that you can showcase everything that is awesome about your product and ultimately close the sale.
Having a business website will also future-proof your business against Facebook's ever changing rules and algorithms, and you give your business a better chance of being found in online search.

How it works?

step 1

Understand your business objective.

step 2

Select your Facebook page.

step 3

Pick a website design you prefer.

step 4

Choose an available subdomain.

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