Be found instantly at the right moment

Let people see you when they search for what you offer

Google is the most popular search engine! It is one of the first places customers go to when they search for a product or service.

By advertising on Google, the very moment that customers search for a product that you sell, they will see it instantly on the search list. The good thing is, you only pay for this ad when they click or visit your website.

Why Google ads?

Number 1

Google is the most popular search engines used by users in Malaysia and worldwide.

Target your customers

Advertisement can be targeted at potential customers based on location (cities, areas) or their proximity to your shop.

Reach customers at the right time

Customers will see you ad precisely at the moment they search for the product on Google.

Extensive reach

Not only is the ad shown during the search by customers, it is also shown through other Google products such as YouTube, and millions of other Google partner websites. For example, a plumber can show an ad right when a potential customer is watching a video on “how to repair a faucet.”

Running a Google ad campaign is easy with us!

step 1

Understand your business objective.

step 2

Set your budget.

step 3

We help you design and customise the ad

image, carousel image, video, slideshow.

step 4

Pay only when someone clicks your ad, views your video on YouTube or calls your business.

step 5

Get an easy-to-read monthly report.

Start your Google advertising campaign now from only RM1,300 for a 3-month campaign.

If you subscribe to one of our package plans, a maximum of RM200 will be allocated for Google ads.

Starter Pack



/3 months
*exclusive of SST

For potential customers who are looking for your products, be at the top of the Google search results with this plan.

  • Google Search Network and Google Mobile Ads only

  • 1 Campaign

  • 30 Keywords Bid

  • Free campaign optimization & account management

  • Free monthly reporting

Plus Pack



/3 months
*exclusive of SST

This plan increases the frequency of reaching your customers as it integrates your ads into carefully chosen websites, where it can reach them while they shop, browse or read. Google Display Network comprises of more than 2 million websites.

  • Google Search Network, Google Mobile Network, Google Display Network only

  • 3 Campaigns

  • 50 Keywords Bid

  • Free campaign optimization & account management

  • Free monthly reporting

Pro Pack



/3 months
*exclusive of SST

Step up your ads game with this plan that includes YouTube ads. You can reach out to more customers who are watching relevant content to your business on YouTube.

  • Google Search Network, Google Mobile Network, Google Display Network, Google Youtube Ads

  • 5 Campaigns

  • 80 Keywords Bid

  • Free campaign optimization & account management

  • Free monthly reporting

Or customised your campaign based on your budget!

No business is alike, which is why we also offer custom Google Ads package, Engage with our campaign strategists and started to build a plan that is tailored to your company and budget.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we are a certified Google AdWords Partner.

We are a highly experienced agency who have worked on multiple Google campaigns over the years with many business owners. As a certified Google Partner, we adhere to the best performance practices set by Google to maximise your return.

The performance of ads is measured by the number of clicks and click-through rate (CTR). Clicks refer to the number that people click on your ad. CTR refers to the ratio of how often people who see your ad end up clicking it. This means CTR is the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown.

We will share with you a detailed monthly performance report. We will be happy to take you through them if needed.