Do it all with YellowPages Business

Be everywhere your customers are.

All-in-one place

We will guide you step-by-step to find the right marketing tools that will help you launch your products online and continue to grow your business. No more headache by working with a few different partners at a time.

Integrated campaign

By understanding your business objective, we will help you craft the right messaging and creative design, and implement them across multi-channels ensuring that you have a cohesive, integrated marketing campaign.

More than one way to connect

By setting up your business on various marketing channels, you allow more customers to find you easily.

Saves time

You concentrate on managing the business and as your partner, we will help you to run the marketing campaigns to bring in more customers.


Once we agree on the right marketing message with you, our in-house copywriters and creative designers will help you to develop the advertising content.

Free consultation

Whenever you need help, just reach out to us at 1 300 88 9355 or email to [email protected]

Why Yellow Pages?

Yellow Pages is a leading digital business directory in Malaysia. List your business alongside with almost 500,000 businesses and allow your business to be easily searchable online. In return, this will help you drive traffic to your website or Facebook page.

Why advertise on Facebook?

Facebook is the #1 social media platform used in Malaysia. By advertising on Facebook, it allows you to reach out to potential customers easily on the mobile phones.

Why advertise on Google?

Google is one of the first places customers go to when searching for a product or service. By advertising on Google, it allows your business to be easily searchable on the world’s leading search engine and its ad network when people look for relevant products and services.

Why build a website with Instaweb?

Instaweb is a website builder that helps convert your Facebook Page into your own dedicated website under 1 minute. In addition to a Facebook page, this website provides you with another platform to easily promote and sell your products.

Why advertise on WiFi hotspots?

Many people are connecting to the internet through the free WiFi hotspots around Malaysia. You can advertise your business to these potential customers through 12,600 WiFi hotspots nationwide.

Why advertise on TM digital screens?

Telekom Malaysia owns a network of digital LED screens in its public premises such as TMpoints nationwide and Menara TM in Kuala Lumpur. These digital screens are ideal for location-based advertising which can be found outdoor and indoor.

Digital stamp loyalty program for your business

A loyalty program on our rewards mobile app that you can create easily and launch instantly. No more printing paper stamp cards. No more tracking your database manually.